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Bike Adapter for Pet Strollers

Bike Adapter for Pet Strollers

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Are you and your pet the adventurous type? The Bike Adapter for Pet Strollers, designed by Petique for the All Terrain Pet Jogger, Trailblazer Pet Jogger, and Breeze Pet Jogger, allows you to connect your stroller to your bike. This means you can enjoy an exciting bike ride with your beloved pets, as they feel the wind in their fur, with big grins on their faces, eyes closed, and tongues wagging with enthusiasm!

  • Attaches from the bottom of the pet joggers to the back of your bike
  • Three options to adjust the distance from your bike to your pet jogger
  • Very durable clasp to lock the bike adapter in place
  • Light and easily portable
  • ONLY for All Terrain Pet Jogger, Breeze Pet Jogger, and Trailblazer Pet Jogger
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