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Air Fetch Stick Dog Toy

Air Fetch Stick Dog Toy

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Run farther, fetch longer. Extend playtime with your dog with the durable breathe right fetch stick. Lets face it, dogs are total mouth breathers. Like the Chuckit! breathe right balls, the unique design of this fetch stick helps to improve airflow when carried in a dogs mouth. The open design helps dogs to breathe easier during play, even when the toy is in their mouth., age range: All Life Stages Make the most out of playtime with your dog with the Air Fetch Stick Dog Toy. The breathable design supports better airflow while in your dog's mouth, improving their overall breathing during play. Enjoy longer play sessions with your furry companion thanks to this durable and thoughtful fetch stick!

Special Features:

  • The interactive dog toy is designed to allow your dog to run farther & play fetch longer during playtime. The buoyant design allows beach & poolside play.
  • The design of the fetch stick dog toy is hollow to facilitate easy breathing & airflow while your pup carries the toy. Made with all natural material that withstands chewing.
  • Open structure helps dogs breathe better
  • improves stamina
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