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Why Dogs Need Exercise: 6 Good Reasons

Dogs are certainly one of the best additions to the family. Dogs do help to bring about much love and warmth to the family, and it is only right that we are responsible for their health. This encompasses more than just providing for the dog’s food; it also involves bringing the dog out to exercise on a regular basis. Why do dogs need to exercise then? Let’s find out!

  1. To keep fit and healthy

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why dogs need to exercise. By exercising, you are helping the dog to lose some of their excess weight by burning calories. This will help you to maintain their weight as well as to exercise their muscles, which will help to keep the dog fit and healthy.

2. Helps to reduce anxiety

It is possible for dogs to suffer from anxiety attacks. One of the best ways to help them cope with this is by exercising them. When you exercise your dogs, it will help to produce endorphins that will help to significantly reduce anxiety attacks on the dogs. Also, when your dog is exhausted from all those exercising, it will help to allow the dog to have a better and deeper sleep!

3. Creates bond between owner and dog

When you bring your dog out for an exercise, you are subtly creating an opportunity for you to develop a stronger bond with your pet dog. This is because while exercising with your dog, you are spending quality time with them, and since dogs love the outdoors, they will surely love you for it.

4. Mentally active

When dogs are kept at home all the time, they might not be stimulated enough, and this will inevitably stunt the dog’s mental intelligence. By allowing them to regularly head outdoors for exercises, you are mentally stimulating them as they are exposed to more unknowns. Also, some owners might want to introduce obstacle course or a change in exercise regime as this will help to keep the dog mentally active as change has become a constant to them.

5. Less destructive at home

When dogs are bored at home, or when they want more attention from their owners, the dogs will inevitably be a destroyer at home as the dog will resort to anything that garner the attention that they crave. It can be as simple as tearing apart the proposal that you have done up or even chewing at the wooden furniture that you have at home.

6. Increase socialization

By exercising your dog, you can be exposing your dogs to the environment, which includes the interaction between other dogs as well as other humans. Remember, before this point, the only people and animals that they known are those that are at home. Note that socializing is an important aspect of the dog’s development, as you certainly do not want your dog to react adversely to other dogs or even to your friends.

Wrapping things up

As you can see, exercising your dog is staple in their life. There are various ways at which you can exercise your dog! From hiking to walking, there a plenty of variants for you to choose from.

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