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5 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Pet Sitter

February 01, 2020

5 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Pet Sitter - Whisker Hut

As much as we love spending time with our furry companions, it is actually impossible to spend all your time with your pet. Every once in a while, you will need to make a trip, and you might not be able to take your pet with you. If you must spend time away from your pet, you should ensure that your pet is well taken care of. To do this, you have a few options:

  • Veterinarian office
  • Pet boarding center
  • Pet sitter

    A lot of pet owners are not entirely comfortable with the first two options. So, hiring a pet sitter remains the most popular option when you need to spend time away from your pet. Hiring a pet sitter should provide your pet with all the care and attention they would normally get if you were around. However, you cannot simply hire just anyone to watch over your pet. Like many jobs, you need to scrutinize the candidates vying for the position of a pet sitter.

    The first thing you need to consider is that not all pet sitters are ideal for your pet. This is why you need to ask some really important questions before leaving your fur baby with a pet sitter.

    Be sure to ask these questions before hiring:

    1. What is your favorite aspect of being a pet sitter, and what aspect do you hate the most?
      An ideal pet site absolutely loves their job. However, there may be some candidates that decided to take up pet sitting because they couldn’t get other jobs. Candidates like that tend to give your pet a little less attention than the ones that actually like to be with pets.
      When you ask a prospective pet sitter what they hate the most about the job, you can find out if they are doing it for the love or simply because there’s no choice.
    2. What are your references?
      As with a lot of services, references remain the easiest way to verify the quality of a prospective pet sitter’s services. Be sure to contact a couple of the past references to inquire about their experience with your prospective pet sitter. Also, verify if they would use the services again or not.
    3. Do you have insurance?
      While this may seem extreme, it really is ideal. If your pet sitter is bonded and insured, the insurance covers them even when they are in your house. As much as we hope for the best, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the worst.
    4. What would you do in case of an emergency?
      This question will help you determine the extent of your prospective pet sitter’s competence and responsibility. Since you are not going to be around, your pet sitter must be able to handle both home and pet emergencies.
    5. Do you offer additional services?
      Depending on the type of home you live in, this question is important if you want to get value for your money. For instance, if your pet needs to take a daily walk, you should be sure to include this in the pet sitters’ services. You can also get additional services like watering your garden, or basic home cleaning.

    As you can see a lot of thought should go into making the important decision of trusting your precious family member to the care of someone else. Precaution is the best way to prevent unwanted outcomes. Leave a respectful comment or share this article with someone you know.

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