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4 Reasons to Foster a Cat or Dog Right Now

July 07, 2020

4 Reasons to Foster a Cat or Dog Right Now - Whisker Hut

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, We are advised to distance themselves socially. By working from home, self-distancing by practically minimizing human contact, We can prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This practice will, unfortunately, leave many people without social contact for prolonged periods. This may lead to depression, boredom, anxiety, and many other negative effects. While it is unavoidable at the moment, the effects can be minimized.

Animal shelters are experiencing a tough time right now due to social distancing efforts. Adoption processes have been halted and many shelter personnel is also unable to perform their duties due to self-isolation efforts or family needs. Some animal shelter volunteers are unable to report for work due to quarantine restrictions. Others may need to take care of their affected family members. Some may not be able to find a babysitter or nanny for their young children, and as a result, they would need to stay at home with their children. The result of this situation is overpopulated and short-staffed animal shelters which leave our furry friends vulnerable and at risk. Here are some good reasons to foster a pet right now:

Much needed companionship

During this period of social distancing and self-distancing, it can get pretty lonely and boring for some people, especially when they live alone. Fostering a cat or dog during this time will provide you with some much-needed companionship.

Welcome distraction

Fostering a cat or dog will also keep you busy and engaged as it takes a significant level of responsibility and commitment to care for a cat or dog and with the current situation, the foster care arrangement is sure to keep you busy. But don’t worry, there are rewards with each task: the companionship and affection from your foster pet.

For the children

Children are the most susceptible to anxiety and boredom during this period. While we may think they have everything they need like toys and video games to keep them occupied, these things are no substitute for social interaction, especially for developing children. Introducing a foster pet to your child may provide some semblance of social stimulation and responsibility. Especially when they are involved in taking care of their new furry friend. Also, introducing a new cat or dog to the family will help lighten the mood and cheer everyone up.

Help save an animal

Animal shelters have a really difficult time managing the large population of animals in their kennels, and with many of their personnel unable to get to work, the animals may not receive adequate care. Overpopulated cages, limited food, and health care and many other adverse effects of the pandemic may result in starvation and death of many sheltered animals. You can help prevent this in your own little way by fostering a cat, dog or both.

For those who have already fostered a pet during this difficult time, Whisker Hut salutes you for your commitment to the welfare of pets in need. We say THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart.

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