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6 Accessories Your Dog Will Love

January 12, 2020

Dog wearing pink shirt

Getting a dog is a big responsibility. You have to share your house, your food and most importantly your time. It does not end there because your journey as a dog owner is never truly complete without certain accessories to make it a memorable experience.

We have explored and highlighted some dog accessories that you must get and some tips and tricks to help you along the way.


A leash is essential as it helps you to lead and control your dog on those long walks that are truly the hallmark of dog and owner relationship.

Getting a leash is important to prevent your dog straying when you are in public or on those random visits to the veterinarian. There are different options when it comes to leashes from nylon to leather, chain or cotton.

It is important to ensure that whatever leash you settle on, it is one that affords you a comfortable grip and leaves your dog’s neck comfortable during long walks.


Dog collars can prove to be an excellent addition to your dog’s accessories coming in all colors and textures. Away from being a fashion piece, it can contain essential information about where your dog lives alongside an available phone number.

This allows your dog to be easily returned if it gets missing.  In picking a collar, fit is king so ensure that the collar is the perfect size to make your dog comfortable.


The harness has been touted as an alternative to the leash. This is because of concerns that may arise from using an ill-fitting leash that puts too much pressure on the neck of the dog.

A harness solves this problem by covering the chest and back area thereby redistributing the pressure evenly throughout the dog’s entire body.


For dogs, it is all about the fun and there are a variety of toys to ensure that the fun never stops. From balls to Frisbees and rope toys, you can always keep your dog occupied.

While selecting toys, it is essential to ensure that the toys you settle on will not leave your dog at the risk of swallowing or choking on them.

Sweaters and jackets

Getting your unique sweater and jacket for your dog ensure s that you never have to worry about the weather. An all-weather dog coat ensures that you and your dog can still go for a run during winter without worrying about warmth.

Grooming Kit

The shine of your dog’s coat does not come by chance. As a dog owner you would have to keep your dog well groomed constantly and you should have the best tools to enable you do a fine job.

A grooming kit that contains nail clippers, shampoo, bristle brush, towel and a lot of other tools will ensure that you constantly get second looks while walking your dog.

Whether you are a first-time dog owner or an experienced dog parent, you no longer have any excuse to deny your dog the best accessories.

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