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3 Things to Consider During Your Pet’s Final Stages of Life

January 12, 2020

3 Things to Consider During Your Pet’s Final Stages of Life - Whisker Hut

We’d like to discuss a very sensitive topic in this blog. For most pet lovers, losing a dog or a cat is just like losing a family member. It is often extremely difficult to imagine life without the creature that has given us so much joy and love over the years. But, death is the inevitable end of every living thing. As a pet lover, you must be ready to face the emotional and practical realities of dealing with the final stages of your furry pal’s life.

As a pet lover being with your dog or cat and holding them when they pass can be a tough experience. It is perhaps one of the most difficult moments for a caring pet owner. It is full of emotion and that is a normal and natural part of what every dog owner or cat owner goes through when losing their loving companion.

The decision to euthanize a beloved furry companion is difficult at best. Many people become plagued with guilt and anxiety but focusing on the prevention of prolonged suffering can help ease those feelings. Ultimately having a calm, peaceful, loving, and family environment in the home during the end of life experience is what you want for your pet. Below we offer some tips that could help you find a loving solution to help you keep your companion’s best interest at heart.

1) Limit advice to one or two people only

When faced with this tough decision, most dog owners and cat owners like to look around so that they can make an informed decision. But remember that everyone's advice and opinion is tainted with their personal feelings and background. Decisions involving euthanasia often involve moral and religious principles. The person you seek advice from may have conflicting values and only work to help confuse you and create more anxiety.

2) Take cues from your pet

Your furry pal is always communicating with you, if you listen you can ask your pet, what is the best way to support him or her during this time. Remain quiet and see what comes to your mind. You may hear something, feel something or see an image. Believe that whatever comes to your mind is a communication from your pet and should be considered as his or her last wish.

3) And lastly, trust your own instincts

There is a part of you that is related to everyone and everything in the world. This part of you knows and understands the invisible or the spiritual nature of your life and your furry pal life. If you are still battling with your decision, turn it over to your inner mind and let divine grace lighten your burden. It is very important that you trust whatever answer you get and take action with a loving and open mind.

Whisker Hut is in support of our pet owners who may be experiencing this final stage decision.

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